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SFxT PC - Modding Wiki

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Discuss and Submit Skins


This site focuses entirely on mods for and compatible with Street Fighter x Tekken on PC. For information and mods related to SSF4 - Arcade Edition and/or vanilla SF4-PC, visit our sister sites, AEmods.pbworks.com and SF4mods.pbworks.com.


Character Select

(where you'll find anything character-specific, such as skins, voices, FX, etc.)


*NEW* Custom Characters


Alt Costume Ports from 360

AE Alt Costume Port Pack

Segadordelinks' Slingshot Bikini Pack


Stage Mods

Music and Sound Mods

Menu Replacements, other miscellaneous modifications (i.e., everything else)


Tools and Tutorials

(tools and tutorials written for vanilla SF4 and SSF4AE Street Fighter should be largely applicable to SFxT)

General/Vanilla Tutorials

AE-specific Tutorials

AE-specific Tools

SFxT-specific Tutorials

SFxT-specific Tools


Original Character Backups (uploaded by Segadordelinks)

Original Stage Backups (uploaded by streetfighterrox)


This site is not intended for technical support. If you have questions about using/applying any of the mods you find here, please visit the Shoryuken forums.





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